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Langley Human Dignity Coalition History

In 1999 the Diversity Education and Resources program in Abbotsford received funding through National Crime Prevention to establish a community response team against hate and discrimination. The team, comprised of community members and key stakeholders, took on the name Langley Human Dignity Coalition. In the pursuit of social justice and equity, the Coalition promotes the values of human rights and dignities and a safe and healthy community for all.

Langley Human Dignity Coalition

Coalition Goals
  • Promote the value of diversity, human rights and dignities
  • Bring community awareness to incidents of discrimination and hate crimes
  • Respond to issues and concerns related to human dignity in the community as needed
  • Bring community awareness to resources available to victims of hate motivated crimes and discrimination
Coalition Mandate

The Langley Human Dignity Coalition’s mandate is to promote the rights and dignities of all community members. As a Coalition of community partners, we believe every person has the right to be treated with dignity, respect,
fairness and compassion. The Coalition’s underlying premise is that all members of the human family live without fear of discrimination,
intimidation and violence due to race, ethnicity, class, gender, family
status, sexual orientation, religion, mental and physical ability, age or
political beliefs.

Where & How Did We Begin

The work of the Langley based coalition began in 2015, when key members of the community and School District expanded the original goals of the Fraser Valley Human Dignity Coalition into our city. These connections evolved out of partnerships with Langley Community Services, Abbotsford Community Services and specific work on a project entitled Organizing Against Hate, Racism & Discrimination, funded by the Provincial Government. As interest, dialogue and partnerships evolved, in 2017 the coalition (supported by Langley Community Services) refined its focus and established itself as a community network committed to addressing the social challenges and human dignity concerns of the Langley Community.

Our Mission

“The Langley Human Dignity Coalition exists to promote, protect and advance the principles of human dignity, equality and inclusion in the community.  This will be accomplished through community assessment, education and public awareness.  Individuals impacted by racism, hatred and discrimination will be directed towards appropriate helps and supports.”

 We envision a more compassionate, welcoming Langley community that embraces each of its members as respected and valued human beings.

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