Dr. Julie ClaytonCoalition Chair

    Julie has worked in community development for over 27 years and is passionate about championing the cause of those who are marginalized, disadvantaged or isolated by nature of their life circumstances.  Having worked extensively with clientele from all ethnicities, she has a specific interest in supporting individuals who are emerging out of trauma and abuse.

    Julie is involved in various ways within the community, including running her own private counselling practice; facilitating mental health first aid training and supports newcomer families to Langley in finding adequate medical support.  She also has taught extensively in the area of community development and social justice.

    She is thrilled to be leading the Langley Human Dignity Coalition alongside the support of a fabulous executive who share her conviction that “Dignity Matters.”  She is eager to see how the Coalition’s work will build on the current strengths of the community to achieve a stronger, more inclusive Langley, where there are no divisions, distinctions or limits placed on a person because of their background or life situation.

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