Rudy Storteboom

    Rudy Storteboom is the eldest son of Dutch immigrant parents who came to Canada, after the Second World War, for a better life. Rudy is born and raised in the Fraser Valley and has lived in Langley City for over 30 years.

    Currently, Rudy is in his second term as a Councillor with Langley City and Rudy serves on the Board of Directors for the Metro Vancouver Regional District. Rudy continues as a licensed Realtor with about 25 years of experience. Also, Rudy is a Site Inspector/Financial Advisor for a major Canadian Mortgage Lender. Rudy is engaged with service groups and organizations throughout his community including: The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce, The Rotary Club of Langley and The Human Dignity Coalition. He lives in Langley City’s downtown core and serves on his Strata Council at Paddington Station. Rudy is happy to have family and many life-long friends living in Langley City. He enjoys going for walks in the downtown core and attending events in the community as well as connecting with friends and neighbours over coffee.

    Councillor Storteboom says that ‘The City of Langley provides me with a full and happy life that presents new opportunities for personal development, every day. It’s the people who live here that make my life so rewarding and I am proud to call Langley City my home.”

    Rudy believes that “Human Dignity is found in mutual respect for people and society that begins in a sense of self-worth and is supported by physical, spiritual and psychological integrity as well as a sense of personal empowerment.

    Over all: We are all created in the image of God and are equal in His sight. As such, it is wrong to think that anyone is less valuable because they are from a different place, culture, tax bracket or profession.

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